Shakeit Beauty Blend Protein Strawberry Daiquiri- 16g of Protein Per Serving 20 Servings Per Unit

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You can make at least 20 Shakeit Strawberry Daiquiri Smoothie's from 1 pack.

Shakeit is the only protein powder blended with an all natural formula to keep you feeling your best. Our Shake it "Beauty Blend" has powerful omega-3s, magnesium, other key nutrients and all-around epic fruit flavor.

All the ingredients in our "Beauty Blend" can be found in the most expensive skin creams on the market but, wouldn't you rather nourish from within?

Enjoy over ice, blended in a smoothie or with cold water. 

  • MCT's for Improved cognition, Supports energy
  • 1.2 Grams of Borage Oil. Known for it's skin healing and moisturizing properties
  • 1 gram of Organic Vitaberry. Organic anti oxidant blend from fruits and berries
  • 750mg of Organic Maca Root. Supports energy levels, hormones and has been said to reduce hunger. 
  • 500mg of Coconut Oil Powder to help hydrate and replenish
  • 150mg of COq10 for cardiovascular support and to increase oxygen flow through the body
  • BC30 Probiotic. Increased ingredient absorption by 30%
  • Hyaluronic Acid. Help the skin maintain a youthful tight appearance
  • Collagen to smooth lines, assist with joint movement
  • Biotin for healthy thick nails and increased skin health.

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