What our customers say about Shakeit

protein shake benefits
"There is no better feeling than to consume protein, vitamins, and nutrients from one source, especially when they benefit my hair and skin. I love how light and refreshing "Shake It" is, and did I mention, the actual taste is amazing! Finally, a protein drink that offers more than just protein- the drink not only consists of high quality ingredients that benefit your hair, skin, and nails, but ingredients that benefit a person's overall health. No other protein supplement compares to this one, so I am going to continue to #Shake It." -Stephanie Hadid, USA
protein shake for dry skin
"I tested Shakeitsuperfruitsmoothie for 3 weeks and I don't even use a protein drink. The taste was amazing. I loved the pina colada. The main thing was the dry areas of my skin really improved! Also I didn't get cramps during that time! I'm definitely a customer for life!" - Abbie Kimbal, USA

protein shake improves my skin
"I usually only take a protein drink after I workout but with Shakeitsuperfruitsmoothie I can drink it all day. It really improved my hair and skin!!! ?? Also my energy levels seemed higher from the Maca! Love it!" - Alicia M, USA