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    Shake it's Beginnings:

    Shakeit Products were created by a food industry professional named Alan Poole. After working in the food and nutrition business for a decade he realized too many products were formulated for cost first and effective ingredients last.  He also believed that many of the products on the market were not effective due to the lack of ingredients from the aim of many companies to keep costs down. Alan saw this as a problem, so he got together with some of his food/good friends and created this brand Shake it! Together they took an entirely different approach to creating a nutritional product. That approach was to use the best ingredients at correct doses for the goals they wanted the product to achieve and worried about the cost, last! So our customers are getting the good Shhh.. 

    The first result is the Shake it Beauty Blend Smoothie.

    The "Beauty Blend" line has a ton of benefits for your body. As a matter of fact, this formula may assist in alleviating dry skin, blemishes and joint inflammation. Also with these amazing ingredients you can actually suppress and control hunger!  Just Check our "testimonials" section and make your way over to the Facebook! We are 100% committed to a Non-Gmo and no Filler Policy!

    Who we are

    Shakeit Smoothies and other products from the Shake it team are made for one reason. To bring you small batch and properly formulated products

    All of our products are formulated by us! And made in King Of Prussia Pennsylvania.

    We are a small company and we want to sell our products direct to people like you who appreciate quality! 

    Look for our new releases of Vegan Beauty Blend smoothies,  AND our Organic Unflavored Products of Pea and Whey Isolate we call the "Shakeit Raw Line"

    Want to see any other products from Shakeit? Email us @ info@shakeitdrink.com