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About Us

Get more from your protein drink. Get Shakeit!

Shakeit's first product is a superfruit powdered drink, an innovative protein shake with proven benefits for your overall feel. And that is only the beginning of our journey. 

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Our Mission

Shakeit seeks to create and promote quality, healthy yet affordable nutrition products. We strive to grow our business with the same quality we use to craft our first protein drinks, with superb ingredients and proven health benefits.  


Who we are

Shakeit Superfruit Smoothie and other products soon to come from the Shakeit Superfruit Smoothie team were made for one reason. To bring about a revolution in the protein and nutrition world as we know it.

Shakeit Supefruit Smoothie was formed by a team of people, with decades of experience in the nutrition industry, who shared a similar vision. That vision was to bring a more complete and innovative form of protein delivery to the market. Why use a protein product that only gives you protein and little else? When we provide you with anti oxidants, anti inflammation, anti aging, hair supplements AND the most high organic form of plant or whey protein you can find on this Earth? Can you think of a reason you would spend more and get less? Well neither can we and we are able to bring these products to you at this amazing cost because there are no investors, no expensive paid celebrities and no flashy models. At Shakeit Superfruit Smoothie we don’t offer those things. Here we offer truth and the best quality nutrition products on the market. Come and #shakeit with us!


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Would you like more than just protein from your protein shake?

A lot of people take protein shakes for all kinds of reasons but we want to give you all kinds of reasons to make Shakeitsuperfruitsmoothie your choice in protein shakes. If you are using a shake already and are looking for something that can give you more, you have found a home. #Shakeit provides more than just protein support. What if your shake tasted amazing?! Like your favorite pina colada? What if your shake could help your hair shine, your skin tighten and your body manage stress easier? Well we offer this in our array of proven non gmo ingredients. Talk about a superdrink. Welcome to the team! Don’t forget to upload your photos with your Shakeitsuperfruitsmoothie on our social media pages! You could win free Shakeit!
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