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I always had skin issues and hated the taste of my protein drinks. I am glad a local company made something that helped with both of these problems!

Stephanie Hadid, USA

The main thing was the dry areas of my skin really improved!

Abbie Kimbal, USA

Light tasting and easy to drink. Doesn't weigh me down like most proteins do. Also I like that it's made in small amounts. I believ it is fresher that way. 

Alicia M, USA

I love these shakeit drinks...I mix two flavors together for a fruit explosion..using half a scoop of each.I am going to buy the coconut I will hav all 3! I am a teacher and it is great to have at easy and tastes great!I add a few icecubes and it tastes so cold and thick and fruity...a real pick me up! 

Susan Derk Burns, USA

This protein drink tastes great and is 100% worth the cost. My skin improved and I enjoy drinking it. 

Jennifer Bachman, USA

I love these Shake it Drinks! My 15 year old son has downs and I have been able to stop using prescription skin cream on him because of this product! Also I noticed he has much more energy! Thank you Shake it!

Barbara Davis Williams, USA

I was using hair and skin pills and taking protein. When I found this product on facebook I had to try it! It's delicious and it works for me! I hate taking pills. 

Angela M, USA

I like local brands and I live in Pa where the product is made. Great product. I prefer not to buy from huge companies as I can't help but question the quality. Also, this product has collagen which alleviated my joint pain. I love the Orange Beauty Blend

Jim M, USA